Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Merchant Navy?

Merchant Navy is a profession where the Cargo or goods are transported by ships, from one port to another in same or different country. These cargo can be of various forms viz Coal, Cement etc. in bulk or equipments / devices in containers or even Diesel, Petrol, LPG, LNG etc. each having a specific type of ship. These ships are sailed by Mariners. One thing to note here is that Merchant Navy is different from Navy and has nothing to do with military or war.

2. Why should I join Merchant Navy?

Merchant Navy is a very lucrative career, some of the many attractions of this profession are listed below:-

  • High income ( Tax Free)
  • Independence and responsibility at a young age
  • Quick promotions
  • No expenses whilst on board
  • Travel around the globe and experience the world
  • Adventure
  • Future opportunities to pursue a career ashore

3. How is Merchant Navy better than any other career option?

A student who passes his/her 10+2 exams and takes up any stream for further studies spends at least another 4 years in college before becoming eligible for a job in the particular stream. Whereas a candidate, who joins Merchant Navy, has to undergo training at an approved institute and then starts earning whilst doing the onboard training. Moreover the stipend received during the on board training period itself is higher than the starting salaries in many career streams ashore. At the age of 21 when a normal student graduates from any stream and starts looking for a job, the candidate who has joined Merchant Navy has already completed his/her training and starts working on board the ship and earns in lakhs.

4. What are pre-sea, post-sea & modular Courses?

Merchant Navy is a demanding profession and requires technical training courses at regular intervals. Shipping training courses are numerous and categorized. Pre-sea courses are training courses needed to be done prior joining merchant navy for the first time while post-sea courses are courses done for promotion or up-gradation and done primarily after actual sailing. Modular courses are short duration courses generally required as per rules (STCW) and are mandatory.

5. Why the cost of pre sea training is quite high?

You must remember that pre sea training is not subsidized by government there are various requirements that have to considered in order to conduct pre sea training & cost of carrying these out is quite high & has to be borne by the institute.

6. Can we take our family on ship?

Most companies provide facilities to take families after a certain rank.ie: At this stage, top 4 senior officers (Master, C/O, C/E, 2/E) are allowed to carry family onboard.

7. What are the Holiday Schemes after it?

A student is not allowed to go home during On – Board Training except for any genuine reason and is sanction by the Master of the Ship.

8. Is salary tax free?

Yes, People working over international waters enjoy the benefit of tax free salary.

9. Is there any education loan available?

Loan process will be your responsibility and you will have to choose the bank that will be willing to give you the loan. We will assist you in loan process. Our all courses are professional Courses. After Successful completion of the courses students join the Shipping Companies. A Pre – Placement / Sponsorship letter is given to every student at the time of joining.

10. Is this job permanent?

Yes, the jobs are permanent as there is no retirement age. A person can work on ship until he is medically fit.

11. Are the jobs confirmed after training?

Yes, the jobs are confirmed. We provide 100% placement to the candidate who are willing to take placement through our institute. Moreover, we provide confirmation letter at the time of admission.

12. Is this job is Government?

No this job is not Government, only you will get all facilities like the government job but after completion your trainee period on board, you can appear in exams of government job.

13. When we get job after training?

After Successful completion of the training and certification, you will get the job on Merchant ships.