Certificate Course in Maritime Catering (CCMC)


12TH class (Any stream)or above from recognised board .
Medically fit (Eye glass permitted)
No colour blindness
Good communication skills
Age – 17.5 – 25 years

Course Outline

A Saloon Rating after successful completion of pre-sea course joins vessel as General Steward or Trainee/2nd Cook and subsequently become Chief Cook/Chief Steward who is the in-charge of Catering Department. He takes care of Ship’s fooding, provision stores, general hygiene and housekeeping. The Chief Cook is usually one of the most pampered and loved person on board. A few years of experience allows them to serve as specialist cook for different cuisines in “Cruise Liners” or join Star Hotels at shore. Pre-sea Saloon Rating course will cover common syllabi for the Ratings like, English (Nautical Terms), Etiquette, Mathematics, Physics, Health Hazards & Personal safety, Ships & Shipping Industries, Use of Life Saving & Fire Fighting Appliances, Safe Working Practices, First Aid, Navigation, Ship’s Maintenance, Signaling & Ship Visit. They also undertake exclusive training programme in subjects like Food Production, House keeping, Hygiene & Front Desk Service.

Certificates Provided

Student after successfully accomplishing the training program will be awarded with the course certificate, by the academy approved by Director General of Shipping, Ministry of Surface and Transport Govt. of India. In inclusion to the above candidate will also receive INDOS and Indian CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate).

Career Prospects

Student after successful accomplishment of the training program undergoes On-Board training. A virtuoso candidate can rise to the level of catering officer or pursuer on board after finishing required sea time and clearing various competitive exams.

Career Prospects

: The Candidate After completions of pre-sea training Courses has to Sail or undergo On-board training for a minimum period of 18 Months or more. A competent person can rise to the level of Master mariner on board a merchant ship after required sea time and passing various exams.

Career Graph

After further sea experience Chief Cook

[Sal: 2500$ - 5000$]

After 36 months sea experience 2nd Cook

[Sal: 1500$ - 2500$]

12 month sea experience, Promoted as Assistant Cook / 3rd Cook

[SAL: 800$ - 1200$]

After training join as GS or Mess Boy

[Sal: 300$ - 600$]