When one prepares the list of the career that he wishes to opt for at his teenage, he deserves to acquire the field that offers success, fame, money and over all excitement to live life. Merchant Navy for ages had been one of the most aspiring career options for the students. The field is full of enthusiasm, motivation, pride and honour. Person gets a chance to see the world through his eyes while letting himself float through the deep sea water.
Weather it is seeing the glory that the rising sun brings in or the beauty of sky in darkness or the sound of ship waving through the salt water with the heavy engine making noise, merchant navy offers it all. While travelling on the deck you explore different kinds of people from varied cultures and make them a part of your family.
The life is disciplined yet full of thrill and excitement. The risk for life adds to the taste of living each day to the fullest. The deck is your garden and the rooms on the deck your home. Months are spent looking at the vast ocean above and below your feet. Away from strives of the world you traverse the reality of life daily.
Merchant Navy as a career option may seem to be a difficult choice, but is far better than the rest. Career floats as fast as the sea waves and you move faster than speed of time. The chart that shows the graph to your success is the rising one as the career brings in victories at every step. Countless medals that are hung on your shoulder fill you with gratification and people respect you more than they respect their own fellow mates.
Every day is uncertain and life is filled with exotic moments letting you travel the lands you never imagined. There are number of departments in Merchant Navy that can be chosen by all the individuals as per their qualifications and capabilities. The captain on the ship holds the command to let the ship sail the high sea water. He is the one who is responsible for the safety of his passengers and crew members. There are number of departments
that operate in the ship, which are inclusive of Deck Department, Engine department and Service Department. The career is the perfect choice for every individual but especially for the ones who love to travel and explore the world differently. All you need is to be medical fit with perfect eye sight and meet the qualification requirement for different position to let your life float on the sea water.
As India is one of the fastest growing economies and 90% of trade is through sea, Merchant Navy is a correct career pick for the aspirants. The exams that you need to appear to have a career in Merchant navy are tough and require professional guidance and institute like Rudraksh Professional Education Trust are perfect choice for building exclusive career. You may visit the link for more information about the Merchant Navy Institute in India.