About Us


Rudraksh Professional Education Trust has been established with the motive of building successful career of the students with spunk, enthusiasm and passion to excel and live a victorious life full of pride. We ensure that the students who join us with the hope to be successful in life and are desirous of working hard never go empty handed. The students joining us assured admission in foreign CDC. Not only this we are the centre for the selection of the students for Indian CDC. RPET one of the highly renowned and unique educational and training centre has got the head office in located in Japiur, Rajasthan, which is designed to make you stand firm and locate extensive scope of career opportunities in the marine industry.


RUDRAKSH MARINE ACADEMY -The institute had been organised to bestow merchant navy courses to the eligible, enthusiastic and exceptional candidates, with contemplation to fulfil the man power needs of the shipping industry.

RUDRAKSH INSTITUTE OF ADVANCE TECHNICAL TRAINING: -The institute is imparting education in the field of welding through the advance welding courses that we offer to the most capable, motivated and ambitious candidates, to muster the man power requirements of welders, fitters, and other technical staff in fabrication, construction and automobile sectors.

RUDRAKSH MARINE SERVICES PVT. LTD. -The institute is having its own active placement cell In order to broaden the road between industries and the candidates. We offer placement opportunities to candidates in India and abroad, who have triumphantly completed their training and certification.


We have delineated value added pre sea training programs that usher to foreign CDC and encounter your career in national and international sea water. Keeping up with the required stride to meet economical and industrial needs, we are imparting technical and welding courses at advance level. These are especially meant to congregate the growing requirements of skilled manpower in the fabrication, construction and automobile sectors. We at Rudraksh professional education trust believe everyone has equal rights to give vision to their dreams and target to achieve them. We intend to take efforts to help these eyes conquer their dreams to live big.



1.Awarded with INDIAN LEADERSHIP AWARD FOR EDUCATION EXCELLENCE by All India Achievers Foundation

2. Certified with RECRUITMENT AND PLACEMENT SERVICES LICENCE by Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Surface and Transport Govt. of India (RPSL-MUM-334)

3. Authorized for providing value added Pre Sea Trainings leading to Foreign CDC by Directorate General of Shipping, Commonwealth of PANAMA in accordance with YAK MARINE (Ref. No. YAK/CF/AF/01/2015)

4. Registered (Reg. no. 2012052012480) multi disciplined organization

5. Certified by Govt. of Rajasthan (EM No. 080122112237)

6. An ISO 9001:2008 certified by JAZ-ANZ (Acc. No. M3111204IN)

7.Career Consultant (Selection Centre) of DGS approved Marine pre sea courses.

8. Certified as APPROVED TRAINING INSTITUTE of Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-INDIA/ATI/19)